The Idle Acorns Campfire update is well on its way with a tentative release date of September 1st! In anticipation of this exciting update we having a character naming contest for one of the new characters that will be featured in the update!

Help us name this exciting new character and you could win a Zelda Game and Watch! This is the prize for the winning character suggestion. In addition each entry is eligible for free Idle Acorns/Just Button Merch such as our brand new magnets!

☞ Click here to enter the contest! ☜

Contest entrants will close Monday, August 15th.

In addition, here is a preview of the upcoming Idle Acorns Campfire Update!

Update content preview:

  • Help Benny build an entirely new area in the world of Idle Acorns and explore the new Camp!
  • Unlock and invite 8 new characters.
  • Trade animals for 4 new resources.
  • Unlock and craft over 24 new item recipes.
  • Use your resources to craft the new recipes. 
  • Campfire themed iMessage Stickers added.
  • 4 New campfire Treasures.