Idle Acorns!

Inspired by the classics, Idle Acorns is a fun mobile clicker game that features No Advertisements, No In-App Purchases, and No Data-Mining.

Tap into the Idle Forest!

Inspired by the clicker games of the old internet, Idle Acorns brings a fun narrative to the mobile clicker arena but without getting weighed down by Advertisements, In-App Purchases or Data Mining. Explore the Forest and Ocean with Benny the Squirrel and enjoy everything from Fishing, to gardening. Featuring 4 Mini-Games, Game Center support, and more!

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Planting Trees

The Forest.

Shake the tree to gather Acorns. Purchase upgrades and enlist Scavengers to collect Acorns while you are away!

The Shop.

Sell your Acorns, and unlock new areas in the Shop. Speak with Benny the Squirrel to navigate your adventure.

The Ocean.

Cast your line, and catch fish in the Ocean. Open the Map to visit your Acres of land, or upgrade your offline collection.

GameCenter Support

iMessage Sticker Pack

Forge Diamonds

and Cook Fish

  • Use the Forge to create diamonds. Cook the fish you catch in Cabin.
  • Buy upgrades to cook and forge more items and faster!
  • Diamonds are used to unlock new areas, and upgrades.

Purchase Land

and Grow Trees

  • Buy seeds from the Market to grow various Trees.
  • Collect resources from Firewood, to Diamonds!
  • Use Fertilizer to boost your yields.

Unlock Four


  • Dig for Treasure with the Crow.
  • Race with Scavengers.
  • Roast Chili’s, and More!

And much

much more!

  • Find Treasures scattered through the game.
  • Leaderboards and Achievements.
  • Lots of character dialogue.

Recent Updates.

1.8.0 | The Woodpile Update

The Woodpile update provides several bug fixes and includes some exciting new features such as new game music and chili seeds. This update lays the foundation for the Campfire update which is well underway.   What's New: NEW GAME MUSIC!! Idle Acorns now features...

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1.7.3 | The Benny Update!

  I am very excited to share the first content focused update since the launch of Idle Acorns! While a lot of progress has been made on the 2.0 Campfire Update, I wanted to add some new content to hold you over, and lay the foundation for the upcoming gameplay....

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Embark on your Idle Adventure and avoid the Ads, In-App Purchases, or Data-Mining.