The Woodpile update provides several bug fixes and includes some exciting new features such as new game music and chili seeds. This update lays the foundation for the Campfire update which is well underway.


What’s New:

  • NEW GAME MUSIC!! Idle Acorns now features a new Original Sound Track composed by Jeremy Hunter.

  • Chili Seeds! Get new Chili Seeds from the Benny Bazaar and grow your own Chilis on the plots of land.

  • Added uproot button for growing trees.

  • Added Chimney Equipped indicator to the Forge and Cabin.

  • Added indicator for which hat Benny is wearing in the Hat Shop.

  • Number of treasure digs and scavenger races added to achievements screen.

  • Fertilizing mystery seeds gives sparks instead of diamonds once the chimney is equipped.

  • Buy Chili Seeds to grow on your land plots.

  • Benny’s Bazaar Improvements.

  • Grown trees indicate if they were fertilized or not.

  • A bunch of new Easter Eggs.

  • New Meteor functionality.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed iPad alert crash bug. (Example: abort button crashing game.)

  • Fixed countdown calculations. Example: Countdowns will no longer say “61 Minutes” for a second before reflecting the correct countdown time.

  • Fixed World Market Storage Bug.

  • Fixed Hat Shop Pricing Bugs. (Does not effect actual costs, only UI.)

  • Made Whack-A-Pest easier to “win”. (Perfect game is 50.)

  • Fixed map feathers display bug.

  • Fixed “Max Everything” bug. (I hope! 🤞 )

  • Fixed Scavenger race outcomes. (Your final position is now more accurate to where you land and more forgiving when you land in a “grey” area.)

  • Fixed various button display bugs as a result of the accessibility improvements.

  • Fixed chimney related bugs.

  • Adjusted popup label icons for better consistency and UI.

  • Fixed cabin upgrade pricing bug.

  • Added context for chilis to chili roast game guide page.

  • Fixed time related grammatical errors bug. (Example: “1 Seconds Remaining.”)

  • Lifetime acorns bug.

  • In-App Notification improvement’s.

  • Fixed minor Whale appearance bug.

  • Othe rminor bug fixes.


You can enable the classic soundtrack for Idle Acorns using the following Easter Egg code: